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For Educators

Supporting Educators and Engaging Families Through Reading

Prime Time programs are designed to promote literacy, increase family engagement, and provide support to educators as they work to achieve positive reading outcomes for their students. Our programs are rooted in the humanities and focus on open-ended group discussion of ideas for students ages three to 10 years old and their families. Prime Time training programs and resources assist educators in supporting students’ interests in reading, honing communication skills, increasing text comprehension, and developing critical-thinking abilities. These programs provide access to quality, grade level-appropriate literature and use storytelling and discussions to encourage civil discourse, tolerance, and collective learning.


Family Literacy Engagement Support

Prime Time is an approved provider of Family Engagement Literacy Support by the Louisiana Department of Education. Available programs include family reading and discussion programs, trainings for parents, teachers, paraprofessionals and leaders, Prime Time Boxes (Prime Time reading programs in a take-home box), and Head Start services. Both in-person and virtual programs are available.

Family Engagement Literacy Support Information Sheet

Family Engagement Literacy Support Webinar

LDOE Literacy Support Guide


HomeRoom workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your school and its staff, and are offered via full-day, half-day, and hybrid (online and in-person) delivery methods. Prime Time hosts workshops throughout Louisiana, at least twice annually. In-service workshops are available upon request. To find out about the next workshop near you, or to host a HomeRoom workshop at your school, contact the Prime Time staff at [email protected].