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FAQs for Ouachita Prime Time Staff

Q Why is the Head Start provider changing? 

A The Office of Head Start (OHS), within the Administration of Children and Families of the Department of Health and Human Services, awards grants to public and private agencies on a competitive basis to provide Head Start services to communities. Every five years, OHS may reopen the application process for organizations to run Head Start programs. During this process, OHS awarded the grant to a new provider. 


Q Who is the new provider? 

A Innovative Network of Knowledge (INK): 


Q What will happen to my job? 

A Your employment with Prime Time will end on May 31, 2023. 


Q Will we be able to apply for employment with the new provider? 

A INK indicated in its letter to employees, which was provided during our staff meeting on February 10, that positions will be open and current employees will be prioritized. Information about those openings and when applications will begin has not yet been provided. 


Q Does Prime Time have any employment opportunities? 

A For those employees who are willing to relocate, we have positions open in Lafayette and Iberia Parishes. We have instituted a hiring freeze in Acadiana at all centers except Willow Street to give Ouachita staff the first right to apply for those positions. We will open positions internally only for Ouachita staff to apply via Paycom. Go to “company information” and select “job opportunities” (see below). We will offer moving stipends for those who apply to and are hired in Acadiana. Current open positions are:  

  • 12 Head Start teachers 
  • 12 Teacher Assistants 
  • 1 Director of Education 
  • 1 Family Service Advocate 
  • 2 Early Head Start teachers 


 Q Can someone help with my resume or send a letter of employment? 

A Yes. We are here to help you have a successful transition to new employment. Human Resources staff can assist you in updating your resume. Please send your resume in a Word document to [email protected]. Requests for letter of employment can also be sent here. This inbox will be monitored by Amy, Faye, Bellena, and Angel Slater.

Q Can we get copies of our certificates? 

A Yes, please get with your site center director for copies.   


Q How will we be paid for the rest of the year? 

A All active staff in good standing with attendance and performance are receiving a retention bonus this week for the month of January. The next retention bonus is for all active staff in good standing that remain employed with us through February and will be paid out the week of March 6. We are offering an additional retention bonus of $1,000 for all staff members who remain actively employed through April 5.  

Your last paycheck, if you stay through May 31, will be on June 15. If you have any earned and unused PTO, it will be paid out on your last paycheck. Additionally, we are working with the Office of Head Start on possible retention bonuses at the close of the school year.   


Q What if we have an interview scheduled during the workday? 

A We want to support you as best we can. Please notify your leader so we can provide coverage during your interview.  


Q What will happen to our PTO? Will we get paid out?  

A Any earned/awarded PTO will be paid out on the last payroll.  


Q What will happen with our benefits/health insurance? 

A Benefits will end on May 31, the last day of the month of employment. 


Q What happens to 401k? 

A Staff enrolled in 401k can roll over their contributions or withdraw their funds once their
employment ends. Contact ADP: 1-800-my-k-plan or Prime Time matches 401k on a vested schedule:   

  • Less than 1 year = 0  
  • 1 year = 0  
  • 2 years= 40%  
  • 3 years= 60%  
  • 4 years = 80%  
  • 5 years = 100% 


Q Does the staff qualify for unemployment? 

A The Louisiana Workforce Commission makes determinations on unemployment. Please see enclosed flyer from LWC for more information or visit  


Q When will families/students be notified? 

A Families/students will be notified following staff on Feb. 10. 


Q What do we tell families who have questions? 


  • Please reassure parents that Head Start services are not ending and that they will
    continue under the new provider.  
  • Please reiterate that the school year will proceed as normal until the scheduled last day of
    May 25.  
  • The new provider is Innovative Network of Knowledge (INK).  
  • Let them know that we are committed to doing as much as we can to make this a
     seamless and easy transition for them and their child.  
  • We are at the very beginning of this transition. There are many questions you, and we, do
     not yet have the answers to. Please let them know that we will communicate any
     important updates via their center, Procare, and the Prime Time website at