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Partnering with PRIME TIME

PRIME TIME Family has a 28 year history of effective, meaningful literacy engagement in under-served communities.

PRIME TIME has partnered with eight Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) grant recipient school districts/charter organizations throughout Louisiana. Endorsed by the Louisiana Department of Education, PRIME TIME, Inc. offers a menu of program services for children age 3 to 10 years along with their families.  PRIME TIME works with school districts and charter organizations to develop budgets, implement programs, and produce reports for internally-funded PRIME TIME programming.


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    PRIME TIME Family

    Inter-generational storytelling and discussion program grant for schools, libraries and community centers serving families with 6-10 year old children and their younger siblings. More Info

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    PRIME TIME Preschool

    Family-centered play and discussion-based literacy program grant for preschool centers, schools, and community centers serving families with 3-5 year old children. More Info

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    PRIME TIME Homeroom

    Professional Development workshops for teachers interested in incorporating humanities discussion and Socratic dialogue into classroom lessons. More Info


Providing PRIME TIME to your district can assist your students in achieving reading outcomes. PRIME TIME programs are rooted in the humanities. Our methodology promotes practical strategies for Socratic dialogue and open-ended group discussion of ideas. Our training programs teach educators to support students’ interest in reading, communication skills, text comprehension, and critical thinking abilities. The programs provide access to quality, grade level-appropriate literature. Storytelling and discussions encourage civil discourse, tolerance, and collective learning. As a result, participation in PRIME TIME supports families in exploring self-directed, self-motivated learning toward strengthened literacy skills.
Participating families report increases in:
  • Discussion Skills
  • Reading Behaviors
  • Adult School Bonding
  • Reading Attitude
  • Critical thinking
  • Library Use

2017 Keeping Score

Impact of PRIME TIME Family at ReNEW Charter Download Here

2013 Preschool by the Numbers

Impact Study of PRIME TIME Preschool Download Here

For more on reports, see our publications.
Contact to find out how to make PRIME TIME programs a part of your district’s education plan.