What is a PRIME TIME Affiliate? PRIME TIME Affiliates are agencies outside of Louisiana which independently fund and implement PRIME TIME programming to benefit their constituencies. Affiliate agencies can be statewide institutions (humanities councils/state libraries/departments of education), regional agencies (literacy councils/library systems/school districts/early childhood education providers) or individual libraries, schools, early childhood education facilities, community-based centers, etc.

Program Options

Access the list below for details on available program options. Contact the PRIME TIME staff for additional information at

Affiliation Options

  1. Potential partner agencies can apply their own funds to initiating PRIME TIME programming, or request guidance from the PRIME TIME staff on searching for and responding to appropriate funding opportunities.
  2. When available, potential partners can apply to participate in national expansion projects using funds raised by PRIME TIME, Inc.


Affiliate partners should prepare for the following:

  • Solicit funds/grants to cover all costs associated with the program
  • Submit necessary agreement, data collection and reporting forms as well as curriculum usage fees.
  • Statewide and regional agencies should recruit library(ies), school(s), or other direct service agency(ies) to host PRIME TIME program(s)
  • Recruit qualified professionals to fill site-specific program roles
  • Ensure that the individuals chosen to fill program roles are willing/able to attend a two-day training workshop in New Orleans (the sponsoring agency must cover travel and hotel costs) OR work with the PRIME TIME staff to plan and conduct a local training workshop (the sponsoring agency must cover training implementation costs)

Potential Affiliate Host Sites and Affiliate Team Members

Individual schools, libraries, child care facilities, community-based centers, etc. that lack the capacity to implement PRIME TIME programs regionally or statewide may make excellent program host sites.  

Those interested in becoming an affiliate host site or affiliate team member should refer to the list of affiliate Project Directors to determine whether PRIME TIME programs currently operate in their state.  If there is existing PRIME TIME programming within your state, use the provided contact information to reach the statewide project director.  If your state does not currently host PRIME TIME programming, contact the PRIME TIME staff to discuss your interest and available options.