1. What is PRIME TIME, Inc.?

Created by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in 1991, PRIME TIME initiatives promote humanities-centered learning, which focuses on the development of foundational skills related to reading, communication, perspective taking, logic and more. This approach also helps educators focus on developing inquiring minds and creative and critical thinking in learner-centered environments.

Since 1991, PRIME TIME has developed and implemented programs that support family learning and bonding as well as teacher professional development. Since 2016, we have operated the Head Start program in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana.

2. Where are the PRIME TIME Head Start centers in Ouachita Parish located?

Click here.

3. How many children does PRIME TIME Head Start serve?

505 students and their families are served in Ouachita Parish.

4. What employment opportunities are available?

PRIME TIME Head Start maintains a staff of professionals in the following areas: executive leadership, data analysis and reporting, teaching and classroom support, clerical and administrative support, educational coaching, family services, health and nutrition services, food services, and building services. Additional information on employment opportunities can be found here.

5. How do I apply for employment?

In order to be considered for employment, applicants must follow the instructions on how to apply found within each job description. Applications and inquiries must be submitted according to the instructions found within the relevant job description(s).

6. What kind of skills, education, and knowledge will I need to be considered for employment?

The requirements for each position are different. Please review the job descriptions that are most relevant to your background and interests for specific requirements.