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FAQs for Ouachita Prime Time Families

Q Why is the Head Start provider changing? 

A The Office of Head Start (OHS), within the Administration of Children and Families of the Department of Health and Human Services, awards grants to public and private agencies on a competitive basis to provide Head Start services to communities. Every five years, OHS may reopen the application process for organizations to run Head Start programs. During this process, OHS awarded the grant to a new provider, Innovative Network of Knowledge (INK). 


Q Will school continue for my child?  

A Yes. School will continue as usual with Prime Time until the last scheduled day on May 25. On June 1, Prime Time will officially transfer operations to INK and any decisions and updates about next school year will come from INK. 


Q Will I have to reapply for a spot in the Head Start program? If so, how and when do I do so? 

A Families will have to reapply for the program. Information about how to do so will be available in the spring. 


Q Who is the new provider? 

A Innovative Network of Knowledge (INK): 


Q Will there be a change in facilities?  

A Prime Time currently leases its facilities from local entities, such as the school district. It will be the responsibility of INK to negotiate these leases with the building’s owners or to find new facilities. INK will communicate any changes in facilities to enrolled families.