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What is PRIME TIME Family?

PRIME TIME Family offers a humanities-focused program designed to engage to 10-25 families and their 3- to 10-year-old children in reading and discussion. PRIME TIME Family models strategies for continued family bonding through literature at home, and builds the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.

PRIME TIME Family Reading takes place in one 90-minute session per week for six weeks. Programs are held in schools, libraries, or community centers in the evenings between 4:30 and 7:00 PM. A storyteller reads beautifully illustrated, award-winning children’s books that consist of culturally diverse stories from around the world—spanning fairy tales, folk tales, fables, historical accounts, and other narratives of real-life circumstances that are familiar to adults and children alike. The discussion leader, or scholar, then guides the group to personally connect with literature and think beyond shallow considerations of who, what, when, and where by applying the Socratic method of open-ended questioning. The program demonstrates how literature can enrich one’s life, models strategies for continued family bonding through literature, and provides families critical information on library resources for continued reading once the program ends.

To see a list of programs in your area click here.

How does the grant work?

PRIME TIME is based in Louisiana, but works with a network of national affiliates to bring PRIME TIME to 11 states. For Louisiana sites, more information on the grant process can be found in the Louisiana Family Grant Overview, or by contacting the PRIME TIME Staff. Programs in other states should contact their state director Affiliate State Director Contact Information.

Deadline: October 15th (for applications for the spring), spring (for applications for the fall)
Award Notification: End of November (for spring applications), End of May (for fall applications)
      Each PRIME TIME Family Grant includes:
  • Training for 2 site-based team members – 1 Program Coordinator and 1 Preschool Assistant (optional)
  • Training may be provided for recommended team members for the Scholar and Storyteller roles
  • Stipends for 2 site-based team members – $750 for Program Coordinator and $300 for Preschool Assistant
  • Program support stipend for meals, transportation, door prizes and program supplies
  • Curriculum materials – manuals for site-based teams and book sets for participating families in Louisiana to add to their home libraries
  • Promotional material kit for family recruitment and generating community support – customized fliers, brochures, and posters; and
  • Technical support from PRIME TIME staff before and during the program.
Book Series

Site will receive a set of children’s books from our PRIME TIME Book Series List to use in their program. Each set consists of 17 copies of each title. Participating families in Louisiana keep books after the program to add to their home libraries.

Program Team
  • Program Coordinator – selected by site applicant to organize the program
    • Program Coordinator FAQs
  • Scholar – Selected by PRIME TIME to lead discussion
  • Storyteller – Selected by PRIME TIME to read stories
  • Preschool Assistant – Selected by site applicant to lead preschool activities when necessary

For more information, check out our page on Family Team Members, which outlines the qualifications and responsibilities for each role. All new team members must be available for training.


Program Coordinator training is an online module that takes two to three hours to complete. Scholar, Storyteller and Preschool Facilitator training is a eight hours long, and takes place on a Saturday at our main office in New Orleans. This training is available bi-annually, with one training in mid-July, and another in mid-January. More Information on training can be found on the Training Workshop Information page.

How can I bring PRIME TIME Family to my site?

PRIME TIME programs are available during two annual program cycles (see Grants Schedule). Spring programs begin between February 18 and May 15, and fall programs begin between August 18 and November 15. Applications for spring programs are due by October 15th, and applications for fall programs are due in the spring.

Contact us at if you are interested in bringing PRIME TIME to your site.